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Provide your training content. Earn royalties per delivery.

Do you have training programs, content or workshops which target IT professionals? Do you have unique subject matter expertise around domains which are of interest to IT professionals? Let’s work together to add your training content to our library so training partners all over the world can make use of it.

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Here’s How It Works

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Provide us the training content for a course title you have developed.

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We’ll check the content, and convert your content into secure eBooks, printable courseware and instructor presentation materials.

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Our partners can see your training content and order it for their learners when they host a training class.

icon-numbers-circle_4Receive Royalties

Every time a partner hosts a training course, training materials are printed and shipped or eBooks are delivered. You receive a royalty for every delegate.

Here Are Some Questions You’ll Probably Have

Which topics do you need training for?

Ultimately, we need training content for every IT and IT-related topic. It is our goal that through training partners, we help IT professionals become experts in their chosen field, regardless of what that field is.

Are you interested in content for IT certifications or also non-certification programs?

We’re interested in both. Certification is key to IT professionals, and we are looking to offer any available certification programs available. We also believe IT professionals can benefit from specific role based training programs that help them better implement standards, master a niche topic, or learn to combine standards. These are typically covered in non-certification workshops.

Which type of course formats do you require?

We would like to include every delivery format possible. Typically we focus on classroom, virtual classroom, eLearning, simulations and workshops.

How do you support your delivery partners if they are not equipped to provide a particular course?

We offer various options to support partners with deliveries. We regularly set up Train-the-Trainer sessions to train our partners’ instructors or they can leverage our network of trainers to pick an instructor to deliver for them. We also help partners with standard marketing collateral.

Who are your training partners?

Our partner base consists of training companies large and small. We also support consulting companies as they typically provide training as part of their consulting engagements. Have a look here:

What languages are you supporting?

We provide courseware to training partners in all major languages. Our partners deliver courses in over 80 countries. We are specifically interested in English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese content, but are open to receiving other language versions as well.

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