Custom Courseware and Exam Development

Do you have an idea for a custom course of your own, but don’t know where to start? Do you have courseware that hasn’t been updated for some time, which you’d like to give a fresh look and feel to? Or, would you simply like to add a proprietary module to one of the ITpreneurs best-in-class learning solutions?

For these and many other courseware ideas, ITpreneurs leverages its experience in instructional design, media development and other core competencies for your benefit, by acting as your custom courseware development partner.


  • Add custom elements to ITpreneurs courseware
  • Add a CEO or other key stakeholder message to course introduction
  • Add custom elements to ITpreneurs courseware
  • Refurbish existing courseware to leading instructional design and look and feel standards
  • Classroom, blended or eLearning concepts
  • Instructional Design Expertise
  • Media Design Expertise
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