Exam Hosting and Delivery

A service for organizations who have a paper or electronic exam, or certification, and want an online delivery solution that is backed up by a professional service and support organization. It is also for organizations looking to replace their online assessment system with a fully hosted and managed solution.

We license our proven and scalable online assessment system to our partners with multiple options… customizing the look and feel, providing digital certificates to successful candidates, certificate validation services, booking, and management and support of exam sessions for candidates, proctor/invigilator management, webcam proctoring and more.


  • Manage your own item pool and test publication
  • Item authoring
  • Candidate registration, individual or bulk
  • Provision of digital certificates to successful candidates
  • Certificate verification service
  • Choice of proctored or non-proctored exams


  • Initial configuration of the environment and loading of your existing items into the system.
  • Exam and technical support 24/7/365 with unlimited “support requests” from the ITpreneurs Global Support and Exam Center—includes password resetting, technical support questions and administrator support.

Optional Features and Integrations

  • Exam back-office support (scheduling, candidate registration, proctor registration and assignment)
  • Webcam proctoring
  • Payment gateway

Setup and Licensing

  • Initial setup, configuration, integrations; loading of items and tests is based on an effort analysis.
  • A per exam fee, dependent on volume commitments, as well as services and options selected.
  • Webcam proctoring is an additional per exam fee.

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