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Does This Sound Familiar?

  • My customer is asking for TOGAF training but I don’t offer this yet.
  • Should I build TOGAF courseware or can I also license it?
  • How do I get my trainer ready to deliver TOGAF training?
  • Where do I get exams for TOGAF?
  • I’m spending too much time on operational things, how can I fix it?

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What Are the Benefits of Offering the TOGAF® Courses?

  • High-Quality: The accredited TOGAF training materials help your participants understand the TOGAF methodology and help them effectively apply it within their own organization.
  • Practical: Our courseware has been developed by an extremely competent team of TOGAF experts, who have decades of experience in Enterprise Architecture and in the delivery of solid, practical training.
  • Interactivity Guaranteed: Group Discussions, Think-Pair-Share, Brainstorming, and 2-Minute Paper Activities. Our courses engage all types of participants and encourage sharing of ideas and team building among the participants.
  • Focus on Effectiveness: Real-life analogies, quizzes, mind maps, an after-course study guide, mock exams. This tools enhance the participant’s’ performance during the course, and helps focus on key strengths, as well as areas of improvement.
  • Engaging and Fun: A central case study in the form of a comic strip and eFlash cards are engaging ways to learn, recall, and retain. We don’t offer a dry TOGAF theory-book-based course, but a fun and engaging experience.