Learning Portal Licensing

License a powerful, full-featured and self-managed learning portal—setup as either a corporate training room or as a complete learning management system (LMS). Customized the portal with your organization’s own look and feel.

Hosted and managed by us, a dedicated environment is supported through our Global Service Desk and allows access to our IT Best Practice eLearning portfolio. Different options allow for integration of the environment with an existing corporate portal or LMS and payment gateway. With a single click, learners can be registered individually or in bulk. Learners can access their assigned courses while you have full control of license management and assigning courses and issuing licenses. Online tracking of progress and performance are also possible.


Manage your licenses online. Order only licenses when needed, or order licenses in bulk and benefit from volume discounts.

  • View individual or group progress and performance information.
  • Create profiles and assign courses to learners, or pre-register groups of learners for a specific course.
  • Customize welcome emails, which participants receive when they register for a course. Use this to communicate information about their program.
  • Offer the complete inventory of courses from the ITpreneurs catalog to your customers, in their own language.
  • Benefit from a front-end that allows you to publish your course catalog and provide information about your course program, using advanced content management functionalities.
  • Allow learners to sign up and register for courses without an administrator. Or, generate coupons and allow users to use these coupons to register.
  • Create an unlimited number of corporate training rooms that grant departments or geographies the ability to manage their own learning program.
  • Assign an instructor or coach profile to one or multiple learning groups, and manage the instructor or coach profile.
  • Create and automatically email course completion certificates to learners (define the course completion logic too).
  • Receive and send alerts to learners and maintain a discussion forum and knowledge base for learners.


  • ITpreneurs Support Services take care of the initial configuration of the environment; it includes adding your logo, setting up an administrator account and assigning courses to your corporate environment.
  • A website code that allows you to add a user login section on your own intranet or your own website (optional).
  • Support during business hours and a limit of one support request per month. If desired, extended support packages can be purchased separately.
  • Optional technical support 24/7/365 and unlimited support by the ITpreneurs Global Support Center. This includes password resetting, technical support questions and administrator support.

Optional Features and Integrations

A payment gateway. The cost of this depends on the e-commerce vendor you select or already work with. Options include PayPal, Credit Card Payments and more.

1-point integration with an existing LMS:

  • Cost is based on an effort analysis. Integration requires licensing of the Learning Portal.
  • Learner is registered for courses in your LMS.
  • When the learner accesses the course in the LMS, they are redirected to the Learning Portal and can start the course (security validates login and referral URL).
  • There is no communication from the Portal to the LMS. Learners are requested to hand in their completion certificate at the end of the course. Or, the administrator downloads a report on a monthly basis.

2-point integration with existing LMS:

  • Includes all the features of the 1-point integration. Plus, progress and performance data is sent back to the LMS when the learner has completed the course (according to SCORM 2004 communication protocols).

Setup and Licensing

  • Initial setup and configuration will be based on an effort analysis.
  • Monthly license fees, dependent on configuration and options licensed, include basic support.
  • Extended support packages are optional extras.
  • Licensing of ITpreneurs eLearning is not included.

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